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MON-THURS: 11-6 | FRI-SAT: 11-7

Marcus Mods "Duck!" Distortion


The Duck is a unique hard-clipping distortion designed to address the faults of classic circuits. Not always in the mood for a rodent EQ curve? Don’t like the muddiness of a Distortion + at low gain? Do you want your dirt to simultaneously retain, enhance, and mutilate the tonal characteristics of your favorite axe? Look no further. The Duck can handle everything from pushed overdrive to classic distortion to fuzzed-out mayhem. It was designed with you in mind; the controls are simple and the tone is killer!


For the low-enders out there, the Duck allows a lot of bass through the circuit. It was also designed to let some clean signal through at lower gain. The result? It works great on bass!
VOLUME - Controls volume
GAIN - Adjust the level of dirt on tap
EQ - A simultaneous highs/lows adjustment that tunes the Duck exactly to your liking