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Ampeg Portaflex PF-410HLF Cabinet


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For players that want contemporary power handling, construction, and durability but prefer the time-tested aesthetic of Ampeg’s classic gear, the Portaflex line of cabinets fits the bill. The 4x10 PF-410HLF is capable of serious volume, thanks to its custom-designed Eminence® ceramic drivers, extensive bracing, and sophisticated low-frequency tuning. With 800 watts of legit power handling, high sensitivity, and deep frequency response, the PF-410HLF is the cabinet you need to compete for air space on big stages. It pairs perfectly with Ampeg’s 800-watt PF-800, making for a potent rig capable of withstanding hours of low-frequency assault.

800 Watts
Vintage design cues, like black-diamond Tolex and B-15 grille cloth
Rugged 15mm poplar-ply enclosure
4 x 10" custom-designed ceramic Eminence speakers
1" HF compression driver with L-pad attenuator
Integrated side handles and removable casters