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ENGL E633-ANV and ENGL E212VB-ANV 2X12 (IN STOCK NOW!) Fireball 25 40th Anniversary LTD Head 2023 NAMM Showpiece

Backroads Guitars proudly offers for your consideration this beautiful ENGL E633-ANV Fireball 25 40th Anniversary and ENGL E212VB-ANV Cabinet Custom Shop in Red with White Racing Stripe tolex. This is serial number 01/40, and production inventory will not be available until late fall. These items were made specifically as a showpiece for NAMM 2023 and ENGL's 40th Anniversary marketing rollout. If you've seen pictures of the Fireball 25 40th Anniversary amp in magazines or online articles, this is that exact amplifier and cabinet. This is your opportunity to own a part of ENGL history before anyone else!