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MON-THURS: 11-6 | FRI-SAT: 11-7

Stringjoy Naturals (11.5-41) Mandolin Phosphor Bronze Strings

Our Medium / Heavy Gauge (11.5-41) Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings are the ultimate choice for mandolin players seeking a versatile and robust set of mandolin strings.

Crafted with industry-leading precision, these strings feature a perfect balance between playability and projection. The traditional phosphor bronze wrap wire used in our Naturals adds warmth and depth to your sound, creating rich, vibrant overtones.

Stringjoy is dedicated to quality, and our mandolin strings are no exception. Each set undergoes meticulous quality control to guarantee consistency and reliability, making them ideal for both studio sessions and live performances. Whether you’re a professional musician or a beginner, these strings will inspire your playing and elevate your music to new heights.

Unleash the natural beauty of your mandolin with Stringjoy Naturals Medium/Heavy Gauge (11.5-41) Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings, and experience the perfect fusion of versatility, durability, and exceptional tone.