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Ernie Ball Braided Straight to Straight Instrument Cable 10 ft. Red/Black

Ernie Ball Straight to Straight Instrument Cables are constructed with braided exterior jackets that prevent the cable from tangling. Say goodbye to a rat’s nest of twisted cable impeding your stage moves or adding unwanted frustration to studio sessions. The straight-to-straight connectors are perfect for crowded pedalboards with little room for an angled jack—especially when you’re also faced with an amp or audio interface that works best with a straight jack to avoid tightly spaced controls. Dual conductors ensure your sound is pristine, producing airy highs, taut and articulate mids and vivid harmonics. The cable’s multiple shielding delivers low-handling noise to combat annoying sounds when your cable is trailing after you on a hard floor or if you grab the cable to move it around an obstacle. Ernie Ball Straight to Straight cables are built gig tough and in a selection of cool colors to match your personality.