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MON-THURS: 11-6 | FRI-SAT: 11-7

Dunlop Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow Pick Live .65 Pick Pack

This Custom Flow Pick is made from Delrin for long life, a smooth release, and warm tone to complement the precision and control of its aerodynamic shape. The "Live" .65mm gauge offers built-in compression that keeps your notes in tune when that live energy hits and it's time to dig in.

A proud user of .60mm Tortex Flow Picks, Misha Mansoor wasn't looking for a signature model. But he came to realize that his hard and fast playing style was wearing the thin gauge down too fast. So he came to Dunlop looking for a thin pick that could stand up to a ton of punishment while giving him the same sound, flexibility, and playability of his Tortex Flow Pick.
‚"I'm demanding and—dare I say—picky when it comes to what I need from picks," Misha says. ‚"I told Dunlop I was only interested in this if we could engineer the perfect one for me. After a few years of hard work, here it is!"